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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'll just fill you in on the basics...

     Hi, I intend to keep this blog anonymous because I don't tell all my friends what truly is going on, and I would hate to have them find out online. My twitter account is @KissTheTeen where I send out quotes and such. But here and twitter are the only place where people really hear details of my life.
     So right now, there is so much crap going on my life that I can't explain it all in deep detail. So I'll just write a list.

-Two years ago my parents suddenly divorced.
-Two of my older siblings left the country
-I got diagnosed with a rare blood disease
-I moved from home into my grandparents house to start treatment. (Their house is closer to the hospital where I received treatment)
-For treatment I went through Chemotherapy, recieved a bone marrow transplant from my little sister and spend a whole month in the hospital.
-We though that after I was released from the hospital I would be able to go home. But that wasn't the case. I've lived the last 10 months away from home.
-Sometime during my treatment the divorce was finalized and we lost our house due to foreclosure; my dad refused to pay the mortgages he put on.
-We tried to figure out a living plan while I still attended weekly doctor appointments.
-My Grandpa offered one of his four bedroom, two bath rentals to our family of eight people.
-The rental is here where I currently am, away from my home where I grew up my entire life.
-This summer, (tomorrow) we move back to pack up our house, say goodbye, and leave for good.
-Come to find out the people in the rental right now had signed a three year contract, and we thought it was only a year one.
-We have to keep looking for a house while we go home to pack up everything.
-I'm scared to go home. All my friends have changed. I've changed. Nothing is the same.

That's just the quick layout of the past two years of my life. I know that this is only my side of the story, but I intend to tell what I can. Because this is the only place where I feel comfortable confessing how hellish the past two years of my life have been.

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