Friday, June 10, 2011

Drama Within 24 Hours...

     So yesterday we came back home for the summer to pack up our house. It's been really weird to tell the truth, I'm insanely used to my grandparents house and I feel like everything is in the wrong spot. However it's still crazy good to be home(:
     So this summer I hope to keep this blog up to date, even though I know that no one really wants to read it anyways. It's just a good way for me to write things out. It helps me think through situations better when I actually have to write it down.
     So before I begin, you should probably meet three vital people that you will most likely hear about. Meet Melody; we have been friends since preschool. She is involved with music a lot, she is amazing at piano and has a beautiful voice. We both can get pretty crazy & we always laugh at each others stupid jokes(: I'd also like you to meet Faye. Faye and I have been friends, just like Melody, since preschool. She is an spectacular dancer and extremely gorgeous. She's one of my most mature friends and I vent to her about everything! Except lately that is, since I haven't been around. She is one of my best friends and she is just simply amazing(: & last but certainly not least, I'd like to introduce you to Caleb. My best guy friend ever. We've known each other for four years and had talked, but only with in the last year have we become super good friends. He's a computer nerd, but just by his knowledge. He's looks and personality would never make you think otherwise.
     I remember while I was in the hospital he would text me, and call leaving messages. He's was really the only friend who even tried to keep in contact me as I left for treatment & as much as I hate to admit it, but it is vital to these stories, I have liked him off and on through out our friendship.
    So now that you have met some important people, I'll give you the first layout. I liked Caleb, but wouldn't admit it. Melody liked Caleb and she wouldn't admit it either. Then we both told each other that we liked him, then since I was away from home I suppose you could say that he got closer to her. Which was okay though, because two of my best friends were happy(: and it's not like I really liked him all that much.
     However, things got complicated when I came back home for a visit. It was just for a weekend because I still had doctor appointments and what not, but I had managed to make it down for my schools prom & he had asked me(: after that night, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about him. I knew that I did like him but I knew how him and Melody were. So I put my feelings aside and watched them become more of a couple. I was happy for them, they were both happy. So who was I to complain?
     But last night, disaster struck. I hadn't even been home 24 hours and was already stuck in the middle of drama. Me, Melody & Caleb had went to a friends house to hang out with some other friends. I could tell that something was going on with them, they were just different. She wasn't as clingy as she normally was around him & he was being crazily more flirty with me.
     After the party we went to the park and we were watching a movie on Caleb's laptop when he told us that it was almost his curfew. So I got off the playground and waited awkwardly at the car while both of them were still on the playground out of sight. I knew something bad was happening because I had seen how frustrated and stressed Melody was from earlier. Eventually they both left the playground and Melody stood by the drivers door as Caleb got some papers he had left in the back seat and started walking home. It was probably in the top ten most awkward moments ever! Then he left, and Melody got in the car and broke down.
     He had just broken up with her.
     On the play ground.
     I think that timing was horrible on his part! It just made it for one heartbroken girl and one awkward friend left in the middle. I comforted Melody as we drove home, but I saw her today and she's still really confused. It's hard for me too because I don't want to have to take sides and they are both really important to me. I know that things will work out for both of them, and that it's just life. However as of the moment, I'm stuck in between both of them.

     I'm not even sure if that story made much sense, but I do feel a whole lot better talking/typing about it. It's not even my problem and I still stress over it, just as much as they are.

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  1. -Well, first off, I wanted to say is that I find your blog off of Twitter. I think everybody deserves a chance to be honest and you found a perfect way to do that! So, cheers for you. :]

    I don't think you should choose sides just yet. Remain neutral. You value your friendship with both of them, so you shouldn't have to choose.

    And, I'm experiencing a situation kind of similar to yours. Except, the guy isn't my best friend. Just the girl. But I'm in love with the guy. He asked my best friend out, and she, knowing how deep my feelings are, said yes. I was hurt beyond repair. She promised and told me she'd never go out with him. Well, now look where she is. His girlfriend.

    Sorry, for unloading on you. :P This is your blog about you. But if you ever need advice, I'm just a comment away. :]